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Caribbean Sunshine Ackees 19oz (8-10913-01001-6)
Caribbean Sunshine Ackees, firm and delicious are the preferred brand when making Ackee & Saltfish, Jamaica’s National Dish. Caribbean Sunshine Jamaican Ackees are prepared by hand and with the utmost care. We only use one manufacturer and that manufacturer is known for quality consistency and outstanding flavor. The overwhelming response from our customers, which includes retail consumers and restaurants is extremely positive. INGREDIENTS: Ackee, Water, Salt.
Caribbean Sunshine Butter Beans 14oz (8-10913-01046-7)
Popular in many Caribbean dishes including the famous Oxtail Stew, Caribbean Sunshine Butter Beans are of “Premium Quality”. They are large, plump, and firmer than most other brands. INGREDIENTS: Large “Grade A” Quality Lima Beans, Water, Salt, Ascorbic Acid.
Caribbean Sunshine Callaloo 19oz (8-10913-01002-3)
Enjoy Caribbean Sunshine Callaloo 19oz. Caribbean Classic Callaloo is prepared meticulously using the the highest quality Callaloo and with fewer stems that other brands. INGREDIENTS: Callaloo, Water, Salt.
Caribbean Sunshine Black Beans 14oz (8-10913-01344-4)
Popular in many Caribbean dishes including the famous Black Beans and Rice and Black Bean Soup. Caribbean Sunshine Black Beans are of “Premium Quality” and are incredibly delicious.
Caribbean Sunshine Dried Pigeon Peas 15oz (8-10913-01044-3)
Popular in many Caribbean dishes, Pigeon Peas or “Gungo Peas” are a favorite when used in Soups and other popular dishes like Rice and Peas. Some use Green Pigeon Peas and some use Dried. It’s totally your preference. We have both. INGREDIENTS: Dried Pigeon Peas, Water, Salt.
Caribbean Sunshine Green Pigeon Peas 15oz (8-10913-01043-6)
Pigeon Peas (Gungo Peas), are very popular in Caribbean Kitchens used in traditional dishes like Rice and Gungo Peas and Gungo Peas Soup. Caribbean Sunshine Green Pigeon Peas is an excellent choice. We use only one manufacturer for all of our Pigeon Peas because the quality is second to none. INGREDIENTS: Green Pigeon Peas, Water, Salt.
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